30th Annual Tournament

May 16-18, 2019

City Docks, Palatka, FL

About Us 

The Bass Tournament benefits Wolfson Children's, a not-for-profit pediatric hospital, providing world-class care for children and families in our region. Since 1972, the tournament has helped Wolfson Children's fund specialized treatments, lifesaving technology and capital improvements. 

The Wolfson Children's Hospital Plant Facilities Department at Baptist came up with the tournament as a vehicle to help fund capital improvements and acquisition of advanced technology. Today, the event is the largest one-day bass tournament in the nation. From its inception, it's raised over $4 million for Wolfson Children's. Our greatest hope today is a tomorrow for all the kids in our region who need specialized medical care. 

Baptist Health will match a portion of all gifts to the Wolfson Children's Hospital Bass Tournament for the Wolfson Bass Tournament Endowment Fund. For more information, please contact the Baptist Health Foundation at 904.202.2919. 



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