Giving Circle FAQs

What is a Giving Circle?
From golfers to quilters, runners to bakers – people all over the Southeast are turning activities they enjoy into fundraisers benefitting Wolfson Children’s Hospital. These fundraisers or events are known as Giving Circles.

How do I create a Giving Circle or join a current Giving Circle? 
To create your very own Giving Circle please fill out the online application. This application allows our team to review your event idea and then we will contact you directly to provide assistance in planning your event. Once your application is approved, you can begin planning all of the details regarding your event! Remember, your event can be as large or as small as you would like and is meant to be fun! If you need ideas or suggestions please check out the Giving Circle Events tab on our webpage or contact us.

Who do we contact for questions regarding our Giving Circle group and/or event? 
All questions regarding your event can be sent to or call 9043202.2919.

Can the Foundation solicit sponsors/vendors for Giving Circle events? 
Giving Circles are grassroots events that are intended for the developers to plan and execute. They should always revolve around something enjoyable for the members of the Giving Circle and can be as large or as small as desired. As a result, the Foundation is unable to help solicit vendors for Giving Circle events but can provide advice on what other groups have done to solicit vendors. 

Can a Giving Circle request a patient, physician or staff member to attend their event?
Yes. Giving Circles may request a patient, parent, physician or staff member to attend their event. This is not guaranteed, however. We will work with all Giving Circles to arrange this type of involvement from patients and staff members. Please notify us at 904.202.2919 or  

How can the Foundation help promote the event?
The Foundation promotes events through various outlets including the Foundation Events webpage, the Wolfson Children's Hospital website and sometimes via social media. If you would like your event promoted in a certain way or to a particular area, please let us know during the planning process. 

What does gift designation mean?
A gift designation is when funds are raised and designated to go to a specific program or project within the hospital. If you are unsure of where you would like your donation to be designated, please discuss this with us or request a list of options to share with your Giving Circle.

Can Giving Circles request hospital tours and/or check presentations? 
Yes. Tours and check presentations can be requested by the Giving Circle during the application process or at any point before or after the event. Please allow a minimum of two weeks to coordinate a tour or check presentation. 

How are “in-kind” donations acknowledged?
The Foundation will acknowledge any contributions made to the Giving Circle event (as long as it meets the IRS requirements). For questions regarding IRS requirements, please contact us. 


For more information on starting or joining a Giving Circle, please contact us at 904.202.2919 or

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