Start a legacy of healing that benefits the community today, as well as future generations. 

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Named endowment gifts make permanent, ongoing contributions to our community's health care. They are an ideal way to support a cause close to your heart and to establish a legacy that helps future generations. And because of the uncertain financial landscape surrounding health care, endowment gifts have never been more important than they are today.

How Endowments Work

Endowments begin at $25,000 and can be designated for any hospital or program at Baptist Health. We will invest your gift and use a portion of the investment income each year to support your designated area. The remaining investment income will return to your endowment. That strategy gives your gift great power. It means your gift supports activities today, grows over time and provides a steady, predictable source of financial support for the future of our community's health care. 


To thank you for your endowment gift, all donors will be recognized in the following ways:

  • Society of 1955 Membership. All endowment donors immediately become members of The Society of 1955, which honors Baptist Health's founding year and the timeless contributions that endowment gifts make to our mission.
  • Legacy Report. All endowment donors receive an annual report detailing their fund's financial performance and the activities they support. View the 2016 report.
  • Foundation Events and Information. All endowment donors are invited to our annual donor celebration, and they receive publications and other information about the health system and philanthropy's role in those activities.

Endowment Matching Gift Program

Baptist Health is pleased to announce a new matching gift program. All endowment gifts from $1 to $5 million will be eligible for the program. This is a unique opportunity to help build the endowment and watch your gift grow. To learn more, call 904.202.2919 or email

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